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Password change

  1. The new password should consist of at least 10 characters.
  2. New password cannot contain part of username longer than 2 characters.
  3. New password has to contain characters from 3 of 4 following categories:
    - uppercase letters (A - Z)
    - lowercase letters (a - z)
    - numbers (0 - 9)
    - special characters (!, $, #, %)
  4. The password should not contain personal information, e.g. names, dates of birth or your e-mail.
  5. The password should not be a sequence of consecutive letters of the alphabet (e.g. abcdef), the letters on the computer keyboard (e.g. qwerty), numbers (e.g. 12345) or repeating characters (e.g. 11111 or aaaaaa).
  6. Try to avoid single words that can be found from the dictionary as a password, use expressions and multi-word phrases connected with characters other than numbers or letters.
  7. As a security precaution after entering the incorrect password three times any further attempt will be temporarily blocked for 15 minutes.

Current password
New password (at least 10 characters)
Repeat the new password

Enter the password – its strength must be at least average

0-28 very weak
36-59 medium
60-127 strong
128+ very strong

You can set your password recovery options by logging into your account: https://admin.sgh.waw.pl/konto-en/ and choosing "Recover password".

Do not use the same password in multiple places. If the password got hacked in one place, it can increase the risk of losing the data and safety of other accounts.

Even complex password can eventually be broken, acquired by an unauthorized person or spyware. For safety reason, we recommend that you regularly change your password. The password should be different from passwords used previously. We do not recommend creating a password based on the previous one.

If you have forgotten your password and you had not set your password recovery options before please come to the IT Support Team (room 7a, Building B - Library) to get the new temporary password.
If you cannot come in person, you may write an authorization letter for someone else to do it on your behalf.

If you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact our IT Support Team,
tel. +48 22 564 6464, zwri@sgh.waw.pl.